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Dangers of Vaccine Preservatives Revealed

For years, half of all childhood vaccines contained a chemical preservative called Thimerosal. Thimerosal is made of mercury, probably the most poisonous substances on Earth. Recently two investigative stories from WFAA a television station fromClick revisit the home page Dallas - Fort Worth Texas, reported that government regulators plus some pharmaceutical companies knew of the dangers, but never told the general public. The reports dated 5-21-2002 and 6-20-2002 highlighted the problem and suggested that youngsters were harmed needlessly for many years.

The WFAA report stated that prior to the 1990s, 1 in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. However in the past decade, as the government has increased the amount of mandatory vaccines, some recent reports suggest the pace of autism has risen to 1 in about 250 children. Among the stories highlighted the story of Jac Counter who had been born normal and after numerous vaccinations became autistic. Upon testing it had been discovered that the degree of mercury within his system were, "off the chart". His father, father Joe Counter said, "It's not that a single shot (did it)." "The Thimerosal or the mercury in one of my son's vaccinations - well, he didn't obtain one shot, he got 30 shots or whatever, or however many he got. And it was the cumulative effect that, sooner or later, his body said, 'Stop it, I can't take this any longer.'"

In reaction to this and other reports of such problems, Congressman Dan Burton, Chairman of the Committee on Government Reform initiated a congressional hearing into this subject and issued an announcement called "The Status of Research into Vaccine Safety and Autism." In his June 19, 2002 paper he stated, "I may have been like most of the officials inside the public health community denying an association - had I not witnessed this tragedy within my own family. I may not have believed the reports from parents like Scott and Laura Bono, Jeff Sell, Jeff and Shelly Segal, and Ginger Brown, who came to me with pictures, videos and medical records. I may have been like numerous pediatricians who discounted the correlation between vaccination and the oncoming of fever, crying, and behavioral changes. Because each of my grandchildren suffered negative effects to vaccines, I really could not disregard the parent's plea for help. I could not ignore their evidence." He continued to recall his personal experiences by saying, "My only grandson became autistic right in front of my eyes soon after receiving his federally recommended and state-mandated vaccines. Without a full explanation of what was in the shots being given, my talkative, playful, outgoing healthy grandson, Christian was exposed to extremely high levels of mercury through his vaccines. He also received the MMR vaccine. In just a day or two he was showing warning signs of autism."

On of the most heated elements of the congressional hearing came when Congressman Burton was questioning the federal government health officials about what they knew of the dangers and when. "You mean to share with me that since 1929, we have been using Thimerosal," Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) said to the officials, "and the only test you are aware of is from 1929, and every one of those individuals had meningitis, and they all died?" Consequently Burton has proposed bringing criminal charges if it's proven the government agencies were associated with a cover-up. "Look, I don't think it makes any difference whether it is a private company or a government agency," Burton said. "If they've known they're harming somebody and so they continue to let it happen, then they must be held accountable."

The WFAA story continued to report on Dr. Jane Siegel, a professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern in Dallas. The report noted that within the last 5 years, Dr. Siegel sat on the government vaccine committee that decides which vaccines are mandatory for kids. Her comments were, "I believe there isn't any data to date which has been looked over to prove that there's a connection, that there's a causative relationship," Siegel said. However, the investigative team provided a study that demonstrated that just 2 yrs ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did conduct a study, which indicated that three-month-old babies subjected to just 63 micrograms of mercury were two-and-a-half times more prone to develop autism.

The story noted that "under pressure from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, pharmaceutical companies decided to stop manufacturing vaccines containing Thimerosal in March 2001. But while production may have ceased, vaccine vials already containing Thimerosal were not recalled."

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